Rose Red

Rose Red is Snow White's twin sister. In the prolouge she has brown hair, brown eyes, very little make-up and only showing her clevage. Upon turning evil she has Crimson eyes, a red and black corset, black pants and deep red hair. She wears a Rose Collar around her neck. She is only a pawn in the Mirror God's plan to rule the world.
Rose Red

Turn from Good to EvilEdit

When Snow left the universe to go into the future she had to leave when Red was asleep. When awaking Rose believed that Snow had abandoned her and went crazy. She then killed herself, but Snow used her powers to put her sisters body onto her bed to make it look like she was resting. When she returned home, she found Red's body gone, that same day she was poisoned. Rose Red Innocent

The Apple of DeathEdit

In the Prolouge she is fifteen years old, when Snow leaves she become violent and upset. She finds a mirror in the basement and becomes posessed by the Mirror God who uses her body to carry out his work. After she poisons her sister she is killed again, but is brought back to life by the Mirror. The Mirror God then sends her into the future where she builds up an army. She attempts to kill Snow White again and then steals the Apple she used, but she leaves a trail and is followed by Tate, Billie and Crimson. At the end she reveals "she doesn't want to do this anymore" but the Mirror God refuses to disposess her and tells her that "it's for the Greater Good"Demon God