Billie Stockyard

Billie is shown with long straight brown hair and deep blue eyes. She is tall, slender and a tomboy; she attends Donnovan Academy. She is a top student and rather popular due to being friendly with many people. She is the daughter of Rapunzel and Jake Stockyard. Her protector is Crimson Valerie, who is in every single one of her classes at Donnovan.
Billie Stockyard


Billie hopes to open a small hair salon in California when she finishes school. When the series begins she is twelve years old. Like other Ever After Children, she has never met her Ever After Parent. More than once however, she has traveled to the Ever After Palace, and seen her mother. Her mother looks alot like Billie but has long blonde hair instead of brown.

The Apple of DeathEdit

In the Apple of Death she is a twelve year old girl and is attacked by a Gingerbread Witch (Hansel and Gretel) posing as her friend Gwen Grayson. She is then taken by her dad and Crimson to a camp, however they are attacked by a wolf at the camp's entrance. Before it is about to attack, Tate appears and kills it with a dagger. She meets Snow White who, at lunch, becomes gravely ill from eating the Apple of Death, however it vanishes and since the antidote is inside the Apple Billie, Tate and Crimson set off to get it.

The Prince's PalaceEdit

In the Prince's Palace, she is thirteen years old. At the begining she is attacked by the Beast (Beauty and the Beast) posing as her science partner Brandon. The next morning she and Tate, when walking in the gardens, follow shards of glass slippers. They follow them to a secret underground tunnel. They follow it to the Prince's Palace, where the find the near death body of the Ever After, Cinderella. They take her back and then with Crimson, and followed by Monica from the Snow White Cabin, venture in the Castle to see if any other Ever Afters are there.

The Dark ForrestEdit

In the Dark Forrest, she is fourteen years old. At the begining she, Tate and Crimson go to get two new campers Maeve and Sebastian in the Sleeping Beauty Cabin. On the way they discover Rose Red has gotten an entire new arrmy. They then venture into the Dark Forrest in search of the red rose from the Beast's Palace, because if it is consumed it will give the consumer unlimited power due to the reason Beauty wanted it. However In the woods, Gwen Grayson from book one, is waiting to devour the travelers.